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Magpul DAKA® V-Block Kit

Magpul DAKA® V-Block Kit MAG1367

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The Magpul DAKA V-Block Kit enhances the versatility of your DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Cases by offering improved stability and innovative storage solutions for items that require additional support or do not fit flush within your case.

This kit contains two double and two double V-Blocks, made from robust, impact-resistant Expanded Polypropylene. Each block features a V-shaped channel at the centre, ensuring better stability and a tailored fit for items like barrels and other equipment that may not rest flat on the case's bottom.


  •  Provides added stability and a custom fit for barrels and similar items 
  • Expands configurability options for the DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Cases 
  • Allows for better compartmentalization and protection of your gear
  • Lightweight, durable, and resistant to chemicals and moisture



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