Trade Application

Serving the gun trade since 1947, Edgar Brothers has a proud and large customer base. To gain access to most of our product offerings, you must first qualify for a trade account.


As part of the opening produced, we will require you to accept our full terms and conditions of business and meet our criteria.


All new account are opened at the discretion of Edgar Brothers; applications are confidential and assessed in good faith.


We operate in a heavily legislated market, and it’s our policy and responsibility to exercise due diligence when appointing new trade accounts to ensure we safeguard the reputation of our business, the brands we represent and the wider industry.

Account application criteria

1. Must have an RFD (only applies if stocking registered products)
2. Must have a Recipient Competent Authority (RCA) (only applies if stocking powder/primers)
3. Business / retail premises
4. Gunsmith – workshop premises (supply of parts only)
5. Be able to display stock in a secure, professional environment
6. Stockists must be suitable to represent our products and business values in a professional, knowledgeable and responsible manner and have the finance and space to be able to support our product range




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