ANR DESIGN LLC is an R&D and Manufacturing facility in Manchester, NH, USA, specializing in thermoplastic forming, nylon goods, metal parts design and fabrication, and accessories procurement and allocation for Soldier Systems development. 


ANR Design LLC is not just a manufacturing company but a people company. ANR Design puts people first. People are who define our products. Every new technology or product brought to market by ANR Design is driven by a person or a collective result of people's needs. 


A sheath is equally as crucial as a sword. Scabbards protect the sword from the elements, keeping moisture out and the blade dry. The sheath protects the blade edge so it may remain sharp and protects the user and the environment around the user from being cut by the blade. The scabbard can be used as a secondary weapon constructed of materials suitable for defence. The sword and scabbard are analogous to the gun and holster.


ANR Design LLC's goal is to provide low MOQ and high-quality products very timely to our customers and end users. They primarily specialize in KYDEX holsters and soldier systems equipment. In 2023, they began producing thermoplastic solutions for Information Technology companies for tech storage, transport, and entrance boxes.


As an R&D company, ANR Design LLC can take on various projects in and outside their area of expertise and successfully deliver a finished product to the customer.

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