Offering a diverse range of specialist products and equipment, Platypus Outdoors Group is as unique as the animal we derive our name from.

From humble beginnings with an ambitious vision, we have grown from a simple outdoors and militaria store to an international distributor of over 40 worldwide brand names with a combined product list in the thousands. We offer a great range of products and capabilities in support of the soldiers and law enforcement personnel that stand on the battlements looking over us whilst we are safe in our homes. Thanks to you guys; we simply would not exist without your support.

We have dedicated teams in sales, design, development, accounts and production that ensure high quality and world class tactical nylon, ECW and flame retardant products are available to our clients.

Through our Platatac brand, our teams design, innovate and create products  to meet the needs of end users of all types.

Our Melbourne factory employs the finest machinists and designers that converse directly with our end users to augment and develop ideas with the vision of continued improvement in performance and quality.

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