Reptilia Corp

For more than a decade, the Reptilia team has worked in product design, marketing, and business development for some of the most innovative brands in the firearms industry, including Magpul, Advanced Armament Corp., SilencerCo, Crye Precision, and others.


In an industry where every new product is touted as a “gamechanger”, Reptilia are taking a different approach, honesty and integrity.


Regardless of if the product truly is intended for combat, or simply for a weekend on the range, Reptilias philosophy is the same: Design high quality products that are effective, intuitive, simple, and fairly priced. That’s it – no hype, no spin.


Reptilia pride themselves on listening to  customers and working together to develop solutions for specific end user requirements. In contrast to those industry leaders who have grown too large to be nimble or support small units, Reptilia’s structure is specifically designed to facilitate this sector.


As such, Reptilia encourage American and Allied service personnel, and Law Enforcement agencies, to reach out to us so they can assist with equipment needs and address gaps in capability.

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