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Magpul DAKA® Gear Straps

Magpul DAKA® Gear Straps MAG1442

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Boost the functionality and versatility of your DAKA Hard Cases, or any case equipped with the Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer, using the DAKA Gear Straps.

Easily thread a DAKA Gear Strap through a DAKA GRID Panel, and its twelve-inch long strap with hook-and-loop ends will firmly secure various firearms or equipment, even under challenging conditions.

The straps are 0.75 inches wide, enhancing their surface contact for a reliable and tight fit that remains stable over time while still being compatible with the DAKA GRID Panel slots.

The quick fastening system of the DAKA Gear Straps allows for rapid, effortless adjustments and securement of your gear, paralleling the adjustability of any DAKA GRID Blocks.

Each set comes with four (4) DAKA Gear Straps, designed for durability and repeated use in demanding environments.


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