Magpul Industries Corp

Magpul DAKA® Ammo Sleeve

Magpul DAKA® Ammo Sleeve MAG1357

The Magpul DAKA Ammo Sleeve is designed for hunters seeking a convenient, secure way to carry extra ammunition in a compact form.

Its bi-fold design minimizes space, making slipping into a pack or pocket easy. Crafted from the highly durable DAKA material, it offers robust protection and a quieter presence, which is crucial for maintaining stealth during hunts. The sleeve is structured to lay open, maintaining all ammunition in a consistent orientation for quick and easy access. It includes a stretch cord to securely close the sleeve, which can also be used to hang it when necessary.

A small internal pocket at the top of the sleeve for storing tags or other essential items while in the field and a belt loop on the back allow for convenient waist carrying.

  • Overall dimensions 3.9" X 3.3" closed
  • Stores up to 10 rounds of .223 to 300 Win Mag


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