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Magpul DAKA® Hard Case R44

Magpul DAKA® Hard Case R44 MAG1288

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The Magpul DAKA Hard Case, R44, elevates the concept of a hard case by offering a more robust, user-friendly, and reliable system for transporting and storing your equipment. Integrated with the innovative DAKA GRID Organizer, this premium case is tailored for optimal organization and protection, inside and out.

Its design is sleek, easily navigable, and filled with practical protective features such as improved latches, inset lock placements, contoured handles, and durable wheels—all in a construction that offers enhanced shielding for your valuables. Moreover, the case sidesteps the common snag hazards typical of other cases, ensuring smooth transit across various surfaces.

Centred on the adaptable DAKA GRID Organizer, the R44 securely holds mid-length rifles and accompanying gear. It supports one or multiple rifles plus additional accessories without the pitfalls of traditional foam inserts like moisture or dirt retention. The DAKA GRID, comprised of interlocking EPP End Panels, Center Panels, and Blocks, forms a dynamic system that can be rearranged to suit your specific gear needs.

The R44 has 16 Blocks for customization, with extras available for purchase. It also accommodates wider or taller gear by allowing adjustments to the GRID Panels. The R44 is not just about style and functionality but durability. The case's rounded, double-walled corners not only strengthen the case but also minimize snagging and provide extra resistance against impacts, doubling as pockets for additional equipment. The gasket design ensures resistance to water and weather, maintaining internal conditions despite external environmental challenges.

The injection-moulded construction of the case exceeds the durability and performance of traditional cases, giving you the confidence that your equipment is well-protected for the long haul. When it comes to security, the R44 doesn't compromise. The latch system is straightforward and sturdy, with a push-button release operable with one hand. Latches remain open for ease of use, closing securely with a clear confirmation click. Advanced latch lockout and integrated lock pass-throughs secure the case once a lock is applied, ensuring the contents are safeguarded.

With these features, you can rest assured that your equipment is safe and secure, even during transit. Designed for efficient stacking, the case includes nesting lugs and strap recesses for secure ratchet strap placement. With two main handles modelled after Magpul pistol grips and an additional handle by the wheels, the case is comfortable to carry and manoeuvre. The wheels feature ball bearings and rubber over-moulding for quiet and smooth movement.

The R44 Case's interior dimensions accommodate up to two standard 16" rifles or heavy carbines, measuring 44.25" x 17" x 5.5". This case is proudly made in the USA.


  • Overall dimensions - 48.0 x 19.7 x 6.5 in.
  • External Width - 19.7 in.
  • External Height - 6.5 in.
  • External length - 48 in.
  • Internal Width - 17 in.
  • Internal length - 44.25 in.
  • Internal Height - 5.5 in.
  • Internal Volume - 53.5L
  • Weight: Empty: ~19.4 lbs, w/GRID Organizer: ~21.4 lbs


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