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Magpul DAKA® Hard Case LR53

Magpul DAKA® Hard Case LR53 MAG1289

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The Magpul DAKA Hard Case, LR53, addresses the limitations of existing hard cases by offering a robust, user-friendly, and dependable system for transporting and storing your gear. This case integrates seamlessly with the innovative DAKA GRID Organizer to deliver a superior storage solution that enhances both internal and external functionality. Its design features include high-quality latches, ergonomic handles, recessed lock housings, and sturdy wheels, enhancing its overall protective capabilities.

The case also minimizes potential snagging points that often cause damage, ensuring smooth transit over various surfaces. The LR53 is a versatile solution built around the adaptable DAKA GRID Organizer. It's ideal for accommodating one or more long rifles or shotguns and essential equipment. Unlike traditional foam inserts, the DAKA GRID is lighter, infinitely customizable, and more durable. It offers enhanced organization and protection through its EPP End Panels, Center Panels, and DAKA Blocks system, which fit together seamlessly for a tailored fit.

The LR53 comes with multiple DAKA Blocks to adjust your configuration as needed, and additional blocks are available for purchase. It can also accommodate larger items by modifying the centre GRID Panel to create up to 4.25 inches wide space for equipment. The LR53 is not just about storage; it's about protection. ItsItcase's double-walled, rounded corners provide added strength and reduce snagging while also serving as bumper zones for increased impact resistance.

The case's weather-resistant seal protects against dust and moisture while balancing internal pressure, safeguarding your gear from environmental elements. The case is also built to last, using advanced injection moulding technology for superior durability and performance in challenging conditions. Its innovative latch system is straightforward and robust, with a large, easy-to-operate push button that simplifies access and can also act as a handle.

The latches lock securely with a clear audible click and feature a unique lockout system for added security. Each latch includes a lock pass-through and a zip tie pass-through to secure the case's locks, preventing damage from impacts. The case also includes four Velcro straps for this purpose.

Designed for optimal stacking, the case features nesting lugs, and built-in strap recesses ensure ratchet straps stay secure. It has two main handles and an additional one near the wheels for easy mobility and upright positioning. The handles are inspired by Magpul pistol grips, offering superior comfort and control, and the wheels are designed for smooth, quiet operation.

The LR53 has internal dimensions of 53.8 x 16.6 x 5.5 inches, effectively accommodating most shotguns and long rifles.


  • Overall dimensions - 57.3 x 19.7 x 6.5 in.
  • Internal Width - 16.6 in.
  • Internal length - 53.8 in.
  • Internal Height - 5.5 in.
  • Internal Volume - 64L
  • Weight: Empty: ~25 lbs, w/GRID Organizer: ~28 lbs


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