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Hawkins Precision Tank ST Muzzle Break

Hawkins Precision Tank ST Muzzle Break

Experience reduced recoil and enhanced shooting precision with Hawkins Precision's Tank ST muzzle brake. This self-timing, four-port muzzle brake is expertly crafted to diminish recoil significantly, making it ideal for precision rifle shooters.

Developed in partnership with Greg Young of Southern Precision Rifles/, the Tank ST boasts an innovative locking collar design. This feature enables consistent installation, ensuring the brake aligns identically with the barrel each time it's mounted.

The brake's straight, four-port configuration mitigates recoil and minimizes concussion and blowback towards the shooter, which can help reduce fatigue during prolonged shooting sessions or competitive precision rifle events. Additionally, the ports are designed for lower carbon accumulation, allowing for less frequent cleaning.

A 3/8-inch Hex Bit opening at the front of the Tank ST enables users to apply consistent torque when attaching their muzzle brake, which aids in maintaining a consistent point of impact (POI). The recommended torque setting is between 65 and 100 in-lbs.

Crafted in the USA from durable 17-4 Stainless Steel, the Tank ST is available in various calibres, including 6mm, 6.5mm, 7mm, and 30 calibre options. It has a .990" outside diameter and a 5/8-24 thread pattern. The 6.5mm variant weighs 3.744 oz.

Choose the Tank ST for a superior shooting experience with reliable, repeatable results.




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