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Hawkins Precision M5 DBM

Hawkins Precision Hunter M5 DBM

The Hawkins Precision M5 Detachable Box Magazine Rifle Bottom Metal is engineered for the dedicated precision shooter. Constructed from a single billet of aluminium through CNC machining, it features an integrated barricade stop ahead of the magazine well and a bevelled magazine port for smooth magazine changes.

The design includes an innovative cantilever spring release system, guaranteed to remain secure even during recoil. Product


  • Compatible with Remington 700 and similar clone actions. 
  • Designed to fit M5 inlet patterns; incompatible with standard Remington BDL inlets.
  • Accommodates AICS pattern magazines. 
  • The short-action variant is compatible with AW magazines, provided the action is appropriately modified. A more extended latch is recommended to ensure proper feeding. 
  • Includes standard action screws and bedding pillars for installation.
  • Offered in several variations: Short Action, Medium Action (compatible with Zermatt/Lone Peak/Stiller/Defiance XM+), Long Action (measuring 3.715"), and CIP length suitable for AICS 6715 and CIP+ Length


DBM Bottom Metal
Win Mag 7.328 oz
CIP 7.024 oz
CIP+ 6.896 oz
Defiance XM 5.280 oz
SA 5.184 oz


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