Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM

Hawkins Precision Hunter DBM

The Hunter Detachable Box Magazine (DBM) bottom metal is crafted for enthusiasts seeking a seamlessly integrated bottom metal system compatible with flush magazines.

Precision-machined from a solid billet of 6061 aluminium, the DBM features a unique cantilever spring release engineered to withstand heavy recoil without unintentional opening.

The magazine release is designed to be sleek and secure, virtually eliminating accidental engagement.

Key Specifications:

  • The M5 Hunter DBM is tailored for M5 inlet compatibility and unsuitable for Remington BDL inlets.
  • It fits Remington 700 and equivalent clones, complete with pillars and action screws.
  • Weights:
    • Short action – 2.8 oz
    • Medium action (Lone Peak, Zermatt, Stiller & Defiance XM+ actions) – 3.0 oz
    • Long action – 3.4 oz.
  • Long action models may require professional modification for standard Remington 700 actions.
  • Zermatt Origin Long actions with serials post-05000 and Short actions post-05350 are designed to fit the Hunter DBM. 
  • All Zermatt medium actions are compatible with the Hunter DBM.



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