Hawkins Precision

Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine

Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine

The Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine is a perfect solution for hunters who wish to utilize magazine-fed systems in their rifles without compromising the Cartridge Overall Length (COAL) of their ammunition.

These magazines are ingeniously crafted to fit seamlessly with our Hunter DBM system, offering extra space for longer bullets and calibres. Designed with a flush fit to prevent snags on branches or undergrowth, they enable swift and easy loading and unloading of your rifle.

Constructed from a single piece of billet aluminium, Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazines are lightweight and highly durable, enhancing the functionality of your hunting rifle.

Available Options Include:

Short action hunter flush mags

Weight - 2.6 oz

  • SA Standard - 308 WIN / 6.5 Creedmoor (will not work with 22-250)
    • Short Action Standard magazine holds four rounds (~2.880" Internal length)
  • SA Magnum - 6.5 PRC/7SAUM/WSM
    • Short Action Magnum magazine holds three rounds (~2.980" Internal length)
  • SA Grendel/ARC - 6.5 Grendel/6ARC
    • Short Action 6.5 Grendel/6ARC hold four rounds (~2.500" Internal length)
  • SA 223 REM - 223 REM/204 Ruger
    • Short action 223 Rem hold five rounds (~2.500" Internal length)

Long action hunter flush mags

LA Standard & magnum - weight 3.2 oz

LA 338 Lapua/Norma - weight 3.8 oz

Long Action Standard calibres: 30-06 / 280 Al / 284 WIN / 270

Long Action Magnum calibres: 300 PRC / 28 Nosler

Long action Norma/Lapua - 300 NM / 338 Lapua - USE .750" bolt!

  • Long action magazines hold three rounds (~3.770" internal length).
  • Long action magazines are designed to be run with beltless magnum cases, not designed to feed belted cases.
  • Long action hunter flush magazines are designed specifically in the LA Hunter DBM. They will not work in any other system.

Elevate your hunting experience with the reliable, precision-engineered Hawkins Precision Hunter Magazine, designed for hunters by hunters.



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