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Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve

Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve SLINGSLEEVE-500

When it comes to carrying firearms, slings are crucial, but they can be a hassle if not appropriately stored in a gun safe, arms room, or car back seat, presenting a severe snag hazard.

The Blue Force Gear Sling Sleeve™ is a 5" long military-grade elastic tube designed to keep your sling tidy and free from snags while remaining easily accessible for quick deployment.

Simply thread your sling through the Sleeve and attach it to your rifle. Pull your sling taut in a "Z fold" and slide the Sling Sleeve over the bundled sling.

When you need to deploy it, grab the sling and pull. The Sling Sleeve is compatible with most 2-point slings, including unpadded Vickers Combat Applications Slings versions.


  • Vickers Combat Applications Slings™
  • Designed for Unpadded Vickers Slings.



  • Military-grade elastic 
  • 5" x 2" tube


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