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Magpul DAKA® Bins 2x4, 2x2

Magpul DAKA® Bins 2x4, 2x2 MAG1389

Magpul DAKA Bins are crafted to securely store loose parts, gear, ammo, and other items within our Hard Cases or any case equipped with the Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer.

Each bin's pegs on the underside fit snugly into the GRID Panels, allowing for precise placement in any configuration. Additionally, the containers are stackable and functional beyond just the GRID-equipped cases, making them perfect for use on a workbench or any other space where organization is needed.

Constructed from durable polymer with 0.1-inch thick walls, these bins are designed to withstand rugged use and protect their contents.

They are available in Black, FDE, and Red, with the colours as a quick reference for differentiating contents. The bins feature transparent lids for easy identification of contents and reinforced lid snap tabs that securely lock with the bin sides to ensure they remain closed.

For enhanced organization, the lids include paint-pen dot matrix panels that offer extra labelling options. The DAKA Bins are available in two sizes for versatile storage solutions.

 This set includes one (1) 2x4 Bin and two (2) 2x2 Bins, each accompanied by lids.

Proudly made in the USA.



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