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Magpul DAKA® Angled Block Kit

Magpul DAKA® Angled Block Kit MAG1366

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The Magpul DAKA Angled Block Kit enhances your DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Cases by offering specialized support for gear with curves or angles that don't neatly fit within the standard DAKA Block and Panel setup.

This kit includes two 45°/90° angled blocks, two 30°/60° blocks (one right, one left), and two 45° double blocks, all crafted from our durable, impact-resistant Expanded Polypropylene.

These uniquely designed blocks are tailored to secure non-linear or angled items that don't fully integrate with the regular DAKA Blocks.


  • Provides added stability and a custom fit for non-linear and angled gear 
  • Enhances the reconfigurability of the DAKA GRID Organizer and DAKA Hard Cases
  • Lightweight, robust, moisture-resistant, and chemical-resistant



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