Spyderco Gauntlet

Spyderco Gauntlet Select | SPY-603F Black

The Gauntlet presents an uncomplicated and user-friendly sharpening system, empowering even beginners to attain exceptionally sharp edges within minutes—no need for electricity, oil, water, or intricate clamps.

Constructed from injection-moulded high-impact plastic, its base boasts a built-in handguard and strategically positioned holes to secure abrasive rods at the optimal 40-degree angle (20 degrees on each side), resulting in precise and enduring sharpness.

The star-shaped holes permit rotation of the rods, revealing fresh abrasive surfaces and facilitating the sharpening of serrated edges. Tailored for a broad range of sharpening tasks, the Gauntlet Select edition has a pair of fine ceramic rods.

For an enhanced sharpening experience, the Gauntlet Premium edition includes efficient, fast-cutting Cubic Boron Nitride (CBN) and fine ceramic rods.


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