Simunition FX Marking Cartridges

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Simunition FX Marking Cartridges

FX® – the world's most interactive combat training system for the maximum level of realism!

Simunition's FX® Marking cartridges are the root of this training system with their remarkable telescopic design and patented reduced-energy technology. Available in 9mm and 5.56mm, with tactical accuracy up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) for the 9mm, the 5.56mm is tactically accurate with ball cartridges to 100 feet (30 meters).

These non-lethal rounds are fired with a weapon conversion kit for safe and reliable training.


  • Designed for military, law enforcement and approved range programs
  • Non-toxic and non-lethal projectile
  • Detergent-based, water-soluble colour marking compound
  • Colour options: red, blue, green, orange, white, yellow and non-marking
  • Visible impacts allow accurate assessment of simulated lethality
  • Tactically accurate for close ranges 
  • Realistic recoil
  • No special ballistic infrastructure is required
  • Optimal for training any time, any place, indoors and outdoors
  • Used with certified FX® 9000 series Personal Protective Equipment


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