Simunition FX® 9000 Gloves

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Simunition FX® 9000 Gloves

The “impact awareness” delivered by Simunition ammunition contributes to the realism of FX®interactive training.

To provide safe and realistic training yet still allow the impact to be sensed, Simunition® created a full line of protective equipment for both men and women, including a head protector, throat protector and groin protector, as well as pants, gloves, a vest and sleeves.

These products are for use exclusively with FX® marking cartridges. They are comfortable and lightweight, allowing users to move freely and naturally.

FX® 9000 gloves are constructed of high-quality, low-maintenance materials for all-weather handgun use. Featuring a synthetic leather palm that provides an excellent grip and an extended wrist cuff with added protection to the wrist, top of hand, thumb and fingertips.

Available in small, medium, large and XL

Simunition policy mandates users to wear approved Simunition® FX® 9000 Series masks and throat and groin protectors when training with FX® marking cartridges.



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