CRKT Chogan™ Hammer Replacement Handle

CRKT Chogan™ Hammer Replacement Handle

Are you a brute, and your feral chopping power damaged your CRKT® Chogan™ Hammer handle?

No, bother; there is a Tennessee hickory replacement handle for your CRKT® T-hawk right here. Made in the USA, it is twice burned and buffed to add grip when needed.

Removing the old handle is simple by carefully placing the butt of the old handle on the ground and tapping the head of the T-Hawk with a mallet until it slides down.

Next, slide the head onto the new handle from the tapered end until it is seated on the thicker end of the handle. Hold the handle of the T-Hawk with the head down and hit the ground or a hard surface sharply several times to install the head onto the handle.

Differences in humidity may cause the head to become loose, so check before use.


Weight - 19.60oz (272.16g)

Handle -Tennessee Hickory

Style - Accessory