Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent

Breakthrough Military Grade Solvent

Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent is a user safe multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser that helps remove carbon fouling, oils, greases, and other inanimate contaminants, giving you a no residue clean. Unlike other aromatic cleaners, our odorless formula allows you to clean indoors without having to deal with noxious and unpleasant fumes. Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent cleans quickly and efficiently while reducing the frequency needed between cleanings. It will not stain your wood, plastic, or polymer components and is also safe on Cerakote and hydro-printing.

Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent is a benzene free, HAP free, state of the art solvent designed to help users break out of the tangle of regulations regarding emissions, disposal, and industrial health hazards.

Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent is an odorless, low toxicity, high-purity hydrocarbon that exhibits a very low degree of irritancy to the eyes and is non-irritating to the skin. It has a low vapor pressure to control Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions, is non-carcinogenic, and is not regulated under SARA, Title III, Sections 302 or 313, CERCLA, and RCRA requirements.

Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has no listed components and characteristics of hazardous waste per the EPA and works well as a green substitute for mineral spirits or Stoddard solvent in parts-washing applications. Breakthrough® Military-Grade Solvent has been awarded a complete Toxicity Clearance by the U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine.