Blue Force Gear

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed 6 Pack Bandolier

Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed 6 Pack Bandolier

Introducing the Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed 6 Pack Bandolier, a versatile carrying solution designed to hold up to 6 M4 magazines.

Featuring two rows of multiuse pouches stitched onto a CORDURA® backer, this bandolier is suitable for use at the shooting range, in active shooter situations, or during extended patrols. It has adjustable shoulder and waist straps and side-release buckles, allowing multiple carrying configurations.

The Ten-Speed 6-Pack Bandolier is not just a carrying solution, it's a testament to quality and craftsmanship. It's the perfect minimalist go-bag, capable of carrying extra magazines, trauma supplies, water/food rations, or other essential bailout gear. Crafted with the utmost excellence in the USA, it also has a limited lifetime warranty, giving you the confidence that it's built to last.

Please note that magazines and accessories are not included with the bandolier.



  • 6 M4 or similar sized mags
  • Trauma supplies
  • Similar sized items



  • .5" x 9.25" x 6.25"


  • Military-grade Ten-Speed® elastic front
  • TW GhillieTEX Low IR buckle

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