Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56 Riflescope

Bushnell Match Pro ED 5-30x56 Riflescope
Match Pro

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Purposely-built for the competitive and advanced shooter, the Bushnell Match Pro ED dramatically expands on the original. Bushnell expanded the magnification range from 5x up to an impressive 30x to give you, the shooter, the advantage in the field.

Next came the increase in the objective lens to a tremendous 56mm.

Specialist Extra-Low Dispersion Prime (ED) glass helps to wring every bit of sharpness and contrast, and finished off with Bushnell's unbeatable EXO Barrier to shed rain, snow, and dust off the lenses, gives the user an almost-unfair advantage during adverse weather matches,

The Match Pro ED now has Bushnell's Easy Set zero stop to get you back to zero quickly and accurately. The Match Pro ED carries the legacy of its brother's legendary tracking reliability and accuracy but with a greatly expanded range of travel with its new 34mm main tube. It now has 30 MRAD (103 MOA) of elevation travel to ensure you can go the distance on the most distant targets. Windage travel is 14.5 MRAD to counter wind drift at those distances.

The elevation and windage turrets have significant, bold digits for ease of reading, and both are locked so that accidental adjustments are a thing of the past. Thanks to the 2-stage Rev-Indicator, you won't lose track of which revolution you're on with the elevation.

The Match Pro ED features illumination, so the all-new Deploy MIL 2 (DM2) etched glass reticle will be consistently visible regardless of ambient light or conditions. With 11 brightness settings and a 6-hour timer to increase battery life, you won't be opening up to a dead battery anymore.

The DM2 reticle is based on the highly popular Deploy MIL but revised to be a .2 MRAD or 2/10 reticle and is illuminated for 10 MRAD of the vertical grid.

The Match Pro has always been considered a centerfire-rated riflescope, and it still is - however, it is perfect for rimfire use like PRS Rimfire due to its short 15-yard parallax side focus.

The Match Pro ED now features a removable 3-position power change lever that can be configured for left or right-handed shooters, put in a neutral position, or left off if needed.

Included in the box

  • Filler screw for when you don't want the lever in position.
  • 2.5-Inch sunshade with forward internal threads for 3rd party accessories
  • Multi-tool for the turret caps and power change lever

Scope Cover Size Requirements:

46mm Ocular Eye Piece, 64mm Objective.

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