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Velocity Systems Enhanced Variable Width Rigger Belt

Velocity Systems Enhanced Variable Width Rigger Belt Coyote Brown

The Velocity Systems Enhanced Variable Width Riggers Belt solves the issue of wearing both a trouser belt and another riggers belt through a battle belt on top of that.

When used with the Operator Utility Belt, this belt can be used as a single belt to both keep your pants up, and don a Utility Belt. The Variable Width Riggers Belt is a 1.5" Riggers Belt woven down to 1" at the buckle to fit through any trouser belt loops.

The reverse of the belt is Velcro® One-Wrap® to mate with the interior of the Operator Utility Belt. All materials and workmanship are 100% made in the USA.


    • 1.5" to 1" Variable width woven webbing
    • Tie-In Point, Class 7 Stitched
    • Cobra Buckle by AustriAlpin COBRA (Rated for 2,600 lbs)
    • Mates with Operator Utility Belt*


Sizing Guide

X-Small: 28” – 32”

Small: 32” – 36”

Medium: 36” – 40”

Large: 40” – 44”

X-Large: 44” – 48”


*Utility Belt not included**

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