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Zermatt Arms Ti3

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Zermatt Arms Ti3

Discover the Ti3 from Zermatt Arms, a versatile and lightweight custom action receiver incorporating the best features from the TL3, SR3, and Origin models.

The Ti3 boasts a Remington 700 footprint, ensuring seamless installation into most stocks and chassis systems and compatibility with most Remington 700 drop-in triggers.

Its barrel tenon matches the TL3 and SR3 action lines, accommodating both shouldered pre-fit and Savage small shank barrels. This receiver is the perfect blend of innovative features and customizable options, making it an ideal choice for building a precision rifle tailored to your needs.


Tailored to meet a wide range of shooting preferences and requirements, the Ti3 offers the following options:

  • Available in SHORT, MEDIUM, or LONG action lengths to suit various shooting disciplines and cartridge lengths. 
  • Choice of RIGHT or LEFT-hand configurations, catering to all shooters. 
  • A selection of bolt heads, including 223, 308, Magnum, or PPC/SPC (Valkyrie), providing compatibility with a wide array of calibres. 
  • The magazine well is designed to accommodate both BDL (with Wyatt's included) style and detachable box magazine systems, offering flexibility in magazine choice. 
  • A range of 7 bolt knob designs- Competiton, Diamond, Helical Diamond, Spiral, Spiral Extended, Tactical or Teardrop, allowing for customization to the shooter's preference.



  • 6Al-4V DLC coated titanium receiver (short, medium and long lengths available) standard with ZAI's trim tang 
  • DLC-coated floating and interchangeable bolt head (same as current centerfire bolt heads) in 223, PPC/SPC, Standard and Magnum sizes 
  • Controlled round feed
  • Mechanical ejection
  • Bayonet style firing pin assembly (same as TL3/SR3 system in all lengths) 
  • Nitrided bolt body
  • Two-piece, pinned aluminium 20 MOA rail (able to be replaced with Hawkins Hybrid or similar ring system)
  • Short actions have been weighed at 22.2 ounces compared to a TL3-SA at 31.5 ounces in the standard stainless configuration. Medium actions are 23.1 ounces compared to TL3-MA at 33.4 ounces, and long actions are 24 ounces compared to TL3-LA at 34.8 ounces.

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