Weaver Modular Level System

Weaver Modular Level System

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Weaver's Modular Level System helps you specify a plumb line that's straight and level to get your optic's reticle precisely in line with your firearm's bore.

Especially when shooting at longer distances, It's critical to have a rifle scope's crosshairs aligned to the axis of the bore.

If the scope is not aligned, adjustments to either windage or elevation settings will change the point of impact, shifting horizontally and vertically.

With the Modular Level System, your shots will land true no matter the distance.

Weaver's Modular Level Kit's magnets slide and adjust to the width of your firearm, so it works effectively with any steel receiver with flat spots.

Once mounted, the magnets hold on tight, freeing up your hands to finish the job.

The magnet also mounts vertically for firearms that don't have a flat magnetic surface. They're also strong enough to hold onto hardware like an AR-15 or modern sporting rifle.

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