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Blue Force Gear Push Button QD Sling Swivel

Blue Force Gear Push Button Qd Sling Swivel P-PB

The Blue Force Gear Push Button QD Sling Swivel is designed to provide a secure and quiet attachment point for slings, allowing for quick removal and installation on various firearms.

It can be threaded onto any Vickers Slings and features a more petite swivel body and push button to reduce weight and minimize the risk of accidental disengagement. The more extensive gauge sling loop offers increased strength and durability, while the matte phosphate finish ensures corrosion resistance and reduces visibility.

These Push-Button Sling Swivels are compatible with common quick-detach (QD Swivel) sockets on buttstocks, forends, rails, or aftermarket socket adapters. Ensuring your weapon has a QD socket is essential to attaching the sling correctly. The Rail-Mounted Push-Button Swivel Socket can be used for railed forends without integral QD sockets.

The 1" Swivels can be used on any Vickers Sling with 1.25" webbing and help keep the sling more stationary. On the other hand, the 1.25" Swivels allow for more movement of the webbing than the 1" Swivels, providing additional flexibility.



  • 1" Sling Loop fits any 1" or 1.25" sling webbing. Use this size for standard Vickers Combat Applications Sling™
  • 1.25" Sling Loop fits any 1.25 or 1.5" sling webbing.
  • Machined steel, phosphated for maximum corrosion resistance and stainless steel internals
  • Fits Vickers Combat Applications Slings™, Standard push button / QD swivel sockets integral to weapons, handguards, buttstocks or Rail Mounted Push Button Swivel Socket
  • Weighs 9 grams

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