Bix'n Andy

Bix'n Andy TacSport Series Trigger Shoe

Bix'n Andy TacSport Series Trigger Shoe

The Bix’N Andy TacSport triggers have four optional trigger shoes to cater to every shooter’s preference! They are compatible with all TacSport and TacSport Pro trigger units and are designed for the end user to switch the trigger shoes easily.


The 90-degree trigger shoe is a real modern favourite and has risen in popularity within the PRS world and other tactical shooting disciplines. The shoe is vertical, with a small notch at the bottom to maintain consistency of finger position during use.

The Gator 

The Gator is a wide trigger shoe for those who like a wider shoe and the additional three-dimensional texture of a knurled trigger. This trigger shoe provides more surface area for the trigger finger to interface with, improving trigger control in tactical shooting scenarios or cold environments.

The Smooth

The Smooth trigger shoe is a standard trigger shoe style but wider than the original TacSport offering. This wider shoe is sometimes preferred by shooters who want to increase consistency in their trigger pull, especially when using the modern “straight back” trigger pull technique. This shoe is also a favourite with benchrest shooters around the world.

The Smooth Ribbed

The Smooth Ribbed trigger shoe provides a more traditional trigger experience, with three grooved lines embedded within the shoe itself. A good blend of additional traction for the trigger finger but not excessively so for those who want something halfway between the Gator and Smooth trigger shoe options. 

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