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Foundation Stocks Exodus

Foundation Stocks Exodus Natural

The Foundation ‘Exodus’ features a 2″ forend with a close grip to trigger spacing.

The ‘Exodus’ is a more streamlined stock being slightly more manoeuvrable due to its 2” forend.

The ‘Exodus’ also has the flexibility of having either no bag hook or bag hook, much like the ‘Genesis 2’.

If you’re after a superbly balanced and manageable stock, the ‘Exodus’ is the one for you!

Exodus specification

  • Bag hook is a selectable option
  • 2” wide forend for large amounts of bag contact for positional shooting
  • Has a closer pistol grip to trigger spacing than the ‘Centurion’, with a very slightly angled pistol grip
  • Heavyweight is recommended for centrefire rifles, lightweight for rimfire actions
    • Heavy with bag hook = 5lbs 5oz, heavy without bag hook = 5lbs 8oz 
    • Light with bag hook = 4lbs 14oz, light without bag hook = 5lbs 1oz
  • Dark distressed or natural colour finishes
  • Action inlets: Origin right & left, TL3 right & left, Rim-X right & left, Impact 737R right, R700 right
  • Adjustable cheekpiece with KMW Loggerhead hardware
  • 11.25” modified Anschutz rail installed
  • Ships with one removable 0.5” spacer and 0.5” pachmayr recoil pad creating a LOP of 13.5”
  • Five flush cups for sling and accessory attachments

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