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Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Two Stage

Bix'n Andy Rem 700 Competition Two Stage

The Bix'n Andy R700 Competition two-stage trigger is a precision firearm component designed to enhance accuracy and control in bolt-action rifles. It is specifically tailored for use with Remington 700-style rifles, which are renowned for their accuracy and are popular among competitive and precision shooters.

The trigger is constructed with meticulous attention to detail and high-quality materials to ensure consistent and reliable performance. It is made primarily from precision-machined steel and alloy components, contributing to its durability and smooth operation. The "two-stage" aspect of the trigger refers to its distinct two-step firing process.

In the first stage, often called the "take-up" stage, the shooter experiences a small amount of initial resistance as they apply pressure to the trigger. This initial resistance helps the shooter establish a consistent point of contact and refine their aim without risking accidental discharge. The second stage, known as the "break" stage, involves a clean and precise release of the firing pin with minimal additional pressure. This two-stage design allows for greater control over the trigger pull and promotes accuracy by minimizing unintended movement at the moment of firing.

The Bix'n Andy R700 Competition trigger features user-adjustable settings, allowing shooters to customize the trigger's pull weight to their preference. The pull weight refers to the force required to release the firing pin. This customization ensures that the trigger can be tailored to match the shooter's shooting style and intended application, whether precision target shooting, hunting, or competition. The trigger's design also incorporates features that reduce overtravel and trigger reset, resulting in a faster follow-up shot and improved accuracy during rapid shooting sequences.

These attributes are highly advantageous in competitive shooting scenarios where split-second timing and consistent shot placement are crucial. In conclusion, the Bix'n Andy R700 Competition two-stage trigger is a precision-engineered component made from high-quality steel and alloy materials. Its two-stage design, user-adjustable pull weight, and reduced overtravel contribute to improved accuracy and control for Remington 700-style rifles.

This trigger is ideal for shooters seeking enhanced performance in precision shooting, competitive shooting, and other applications demanding precise and repeatable trigger control..

  • Low trigger weight for a precise shot
  • Easy installation without modification to your rifle
  • Very short release time
  • Adjustable pre-draw travel, pre-draw weight and release force
  • Top safety - Left or right configuration
  • Trigger weight: 30 grams to 500 grams
  • All models below are without Trigger Shoe


Weight 50g
Measurements 50 x 50 mm
 Model Series Competition Trigger
Target Benchrest, F-Cass
Trigger Rifle Model Remington 700
Safety Position Right & Left

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