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Bix'n Andy Dakota Sako 85

Bix'n Andy Dakota Sako 85

The Bix'n Andy Dakota is a precision aftermarket trigger designed for the Sako 85 bolt-action rifle. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Dakota trigger aims to enhance the shooting experience by delivering a crisp and consistent trigger pull.

Machined from high-quality materials, the Bix'n Andy Dakota trigger boasts components made primarily from hardened stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear over time. The sear and other critical components are meticulously crafted to tight tolerances, promoting smooth and reliable operation.

One of the key features of the Dakota trigger is its user-adjustable pull weight. Shooters can fine-tune the trigger's weight to suit their preferences, optimizing accuracy and shot control. This adjustability also caters to various shooting applications, whether precision long-range shooting, hunting, or competition shooting.

The trigger's design incorporates a unique ball system that replaces traditional friction-based sears. This ball system contributes to the trigger's exceptional consistency and light, crisp break. As the shooter applies pressure to the trigger, the ball mechanism ensures minimal friction and a clean release, minimizing potential disturbances to the rifle's alignment.

The Bix'n Andy Dakota trigger installation is user-friendly, often requiring minimal gunsmithing skills. This further enhances its appeal to firearm enthusiasts keen on improving their rifle's performance without complex modifications. Safety is paramount in any firearm accessory, and the Dakota trigger addresses this through its integrated safety mechanisms. These safeguards prevent accidental discharges and unauthorized firearm use, adding an extra layer of confidence for shooters.

In summary, the Bix'n Andy Dakota Sako 85 trigger is a meticulously crafted aftermarket component designed to elevate the shooting experience of the Sako 85 rifle. Its construction from hardened stainless steel, innovative ball system, adjustable pull weight, and safety features collectively contribute to a trigger that's precise and consistent and customizable to individual preferences.

Whether for precision shooting, hunting, or competitive use, the Dakota trigger is an appealing choice for those seeking to optimize their rifle's performance.

  • Extensive adjustment range of the trigger weight for all applications
  • Easy installation without modification to your rifle
  • Very short release time
  • Easy adjustment of the trigger weight from the outside
  • Top safety - right configuration
  • Trigger weight: 400 grams to 2000 grams


Weight 50g
Measurements 60 x 50 mm
 Model Series Dakota Trigger
Target Hunting, Sports, Long Range
Trigger Rifle Model Sako 85
Safety Position Right top safety

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