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Bix'n Andy Dakota R700

Bix'n Andy Dakota R700

The Bix'n Andy Dakota R700 trigger is a precision rifle trigger designed to enhance the performance of Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifles.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trigger system is engineered to provide shooters with a smooth, crisp, and adjustable trigger pull that improves accuracy and shot placement. The Dakota R700 trigger is constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability.

The housing of the trigger is typically made from a robust alloy or stainless steel, which not only imparts strength but also contributes to corrosion resistance. This ensures the trigger can withstand the rigours of various environmental conditions, maintaining its functionality over time.

One of the standout features of the Dakota R700 trigger is its user-adjustable pull weight. Shooters can fine-tune the trigger pull to suit their preferences and shooting style. This adjustability is crucial for achieving consistent and precise shots, as it allows the shooter to find the optimal trigger pull weight that minimizes interference with the rifle's alignment during the critical moment of firing.

The trigger mechanism of the Dakota R700 employs advanced engineering to minimize creep and overtravel, resulting in a clean and predictable break. The sear engagement and release are precisely engineered, contributing to the trigger's exceptional performance. This design characteristic is vital for accurate shooting, ensuring minimal rifle alignment disturbance during the trigger pull.

Shooters who prioritize safety will appreciate the inherent safety features of the Dakota R700 trigger. It typically includes a design that prevents accidental discharges, adding an extra layer of security during handling and transportation. This feature is essential for those who use their rifles in diverse scenarios, including hunting and competitive shooting.

The Bix'n Andy Dakota R700 trigger is designed to enhance the shooting experience for precision rifle enthusiasts. Offering adjustable pull weight, reduced creep and overtravel, and reliable safety features empower shooters to maximize their accuracy potential.

The materials used in its construction, such as alloys or stainless steel, contribute to its longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

Overall, the Dakota R700 trigger is essential for those seeking to extract the utmost accuracy and performance from their Remington Model 700 rifles.

  • (3.8 mm) standard trigger stud height
  • Removable bolt release
  • Low trigger weight for a precise shot
  • Easy installation without modification to your rifle
  • Very short release time
  • Easy adjustment of the trigger weight from the outside
  • Top safety (right or left configuration)
  • Trigger weight: 400 grams to 2000 grams


Weight 50g
Measurements 50 x 50 mm
 Model Series Dakota Trigger
Target Hunting, Sports, Long Range
Trigger Rifle Model Remington 700
Extraction Level Single-stage
Safety Position Left top safety, right top safety
Height of Top Sears High (4,0 mm / 0,157″), Medium (3,8 mm / 0,150'), Low (3,6 mm / 0,142″)

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