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Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 Jagd

Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 Jagd Offroad Black

The Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 trigger is a precision-engineered firearm component renowned for its exceptional performance and craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this trigger system enhances the shooting experience for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

The trigger is made from premium materials, including high-quality steel components that ensure durability, reliability, and longevity. Its construction involves precision machining and tight tolerances to achieve a consistent and smooth trigger pull. Top-grade materials and manufacturing processes contribute to the trigger's overall robustness, reducing the risk of wear and malfunction over time.

One of the critical features of the Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 trigger is its adjustable pull weight. Shooters can fine-tune the trigger's resistance to suit their preferences, achieving a customized feel that aligns with their shooting style and requirements.

This adjustability is crucial for achieving optimal accuracy and control, allowing for consistent shots during various shooting scenarios. The trigger incorporates a crisp, clean break characterized by minimal creep and overtravel. This design element contributes to enhanced accuracy, as the shooter can anticipate the exact moment the shot will be released. The reduced travel distance before the trigger breaks minimizes the possibility of unintended movements affecting the shot placement, promoting better marksmanship.

Safety is paramount in any firearm, and the Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 trigger prioritizes this aspect. The trigger system includes safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharges, ensuring that the firearm only fires when intentionally engaged by the shooter. This safety feature provides peace of mind, especially in high-pressure shooting situations or while carrying a firearm.

The Bix'n Andy Blaser R93 trigger is a meticulously crafted firearm component made from premium steel materials. It boasts adjustable pull weight, contributing to a tailored shooting experience. The trigger's crisp break and safety mechanisms further enhance accuracy and security. With its combination of precision engineering and quality materials, this trigger is a sought-after choice for those who demand superior performance and reliability from their firearms.

  • Extensive adjustment range of the trigger weight for all applications
  • Easy installation without modification to your rifle
  • Very short release time
  • Easy adjustment of the trigger weight from the outside
  • Locking lever is included with the fuse
  • Trigger weight: 150 grams to 2000 grams
  • Comes without Safety & Bolt Stop


Weight 70g
Measurements 80 x 50 mm
 Model Series Bullet Trigger
Target Hunting & Sport
Trigger Rifle Model R93

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