SureFire Comply Canal Tips for EP7 & EP10

SureFire Comply Canal Tips for EP7 & EP10

SureFire Hearing Protection Comply™ Canal Tips are the official replacements for the disposable memory foam tips used in the EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra and EP10 Sonic Defenders Ultra Max earplugs.

When installed correctly and worn as directed, these body heat-activated foam tips, tapered for deeper insertion, conform to your ear canal and maintain an acoustic seal, providing a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 28 dB when used with EP7s and 30 dB when used with EP10s.

Constructed ultra-soft polyurethane foam, Comply Canal Tips provide all-day comfort and help reduce irritation and fatigue in the ear canal. Their elastomeric cores feature moulded-in threading that makes tip replacement (recommended every 2-4 weeks or when soiled) simply a matter of unscrewing the old tip from the stem and securely screwing on a new one.

Pack of 6 (3 Pairs)

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