Kestrel Metre Calibration Kit

Kestrel Metre Calibration Kit

Field Recalibration

This Calibration Kit allows you to perform dozens of recalibrations in the field, to ensure that your Kestrel is always performing within specifications. In fact, if using distilled water, you can calibrate an indefinite number of times.

The manual explains in detail all of the steps for recalibrating your Kestrel. This process will take a couple of days, including setup and calibration.

Previous instructions required you to prepare the salt mixtures and then put the Kestrels into the container and run the routine. You must now allow the Kestrel to sit in the container for 24 hours before running the first calibration routine.

After the first calibration routine is completed, you need to allow the Kestrel to soak in the second container for another 24 hours before performing the second part of the calibration routine. This will ensure the humidity levels are adequate and the customer should get much better results in the field, as we have found through testing. We do not recommend doing more than 1 unit in the container at a given time.

The RH (calibrate humidity sensor) calibration kit includes the following items:

  • three clear, sealable containers
  • one container with magnesium chloride salt
  • one container with sodium chloride salt
  • an insulated carrying case to hold all of the above and maintain a stable environment while performing calibration

For use with: Kestrel 4500, Kestrel 4300, Kestrel 4200, Kestrel 4100, Kestrel 4000, Kestrel 3500, and Kestrel 3000 (Both the older 2 button and 4 button version)

Also for use with the Kestrel 4400 and Kestrel 4600, but they need to be put in upside down to fit (black globe first).

Please note this kit cannot be used for the 5000 series meters

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