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MSA Supreme Pro - Green

MSA Supreme Pro - Green

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MSA level-dependent electronic ear muffs protect you from hazardous noise at the same time as you can listen to surrounding sounds.

The ambient sound is detected by two microphones mounted on the outside of each cup and reproduced through speakers inside the earmuffs.

The advanced electronic design compresses hazardous noise down to a safe level while still allowing unharmful noises to be heard.

By wearing the MSA Supreme ear muffs, you can communicate face-to-face and listen to commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting.

Amplifying weak sounds also allows you to hear your dog or game further than without earmuffs. The electronic function also limit the sound reproduced through the speakers to a maximum of 82 dB, so you are always protected against harmful noise levels

The Supreme Pro is available in green with a foldable leather headband.

Key product features

• Slim design to the cups suits both right and left-handed shooters

• Two well-protected microphones provide excellent sound direction location

• Waterproof battery compartment accessible from the outside

• 3.5 mm AUX inlet for connecting external audio sources like hunting radios

• Low battery consumption (200 hours battery life with 2 AAA batteries)

• Foldable for convenient storage

• Easy volume control (2 buttons) even if you wear gloves

• Automatic shut off function saves battery life even if you forget to turn it off when not in use

• A warning signal indicates when around 40 hours of battery life are left

• High amplification of weak sounds.