CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool

CRKT Knife Maintenance Tool

When things start to go wrong, the time to prepare has passed.

Mechanical engineer Tom Stokes is well-equipped to rethink and design tools that become essential to a survivalist pack. The CRKT Knife Maintenance Too, furnished with two sharpeners and two sizes of TORX—is one of those tools.

Tom Stokes dreamt up the Knife Maintenance Tool using CAD software in his hometown of Williamsburg, Virginia.

Compact enough to fit on a keychain but with all these features :

*Compact tungsten carbide sharpener

*Compact honing edge

*Two folding TORX tools (T8 and T6)

*A covert flathead screwdriver

*Bottle opener

So, lightweight, you'll don't know it's on you...Until you need it. "

Overall Length - 2.70" (68.63mm)

Weight - 2.2oz (62.37g)

Handle - Grass Reinforced Nylon

Style - Accessory