CRKT Kangee™ T-Hawk

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CRKT Kangee™ T-Hawk

The only thing standing in your way is...nothing.

With a penchant for manual utility and self-defence tasks, this tactical tomahawk dispatches barriers quickly with a solid SK5 carbon steel blade on one end and an assertive spike on the other.

Designer Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical has honed his tactical tomahawk designs for over 30 years earning him a dedicated and loyal fan base. Now, he’s assembling an even more substantial following with his latest offering: The Kangee™ T-Hawk.

The CRKT Kangee™ T-Hawk is crafted from a single slab of high-carbon steel and is robust enough to handle anything you can dish out. The blade geometry has tapered cutting edges for efficient splitting, chopping or shaving and general toughness. Meanwhile, a spike on the other end secures triumph over whatever you may come up against in the line of duty. This tomahawk does more than cut. It carves out a notable place in your tactical gear bag.

The T-Hawk features a curved handle and a finger grip choil along the front for enhanced control. The full-length handle scales are checkered for added grip security and can be easily removed when cleaned. It’s a valuable tool to have and to hold from this day forward.

The Boltaron® sheath, which is Molle-compatible, can be slipped over the head for easy, secure attachment to all your Molle gear.

Well-balanced and easily controlled, the Kangee™ will make you look good by eliminating anything in its path.

Blade Length - 2.93" (74.42mm)

Blade Edge  - Axe with Spike

Blade Steel - SK-5

Blade Finish - Powder Coat

Blade Thickness - 0.23" (5.84mm)

Overall Length - 13.75" (349.25mm)

Weight - 1.53lbs (0.69kg)

Handle - Glass Reinforced Nylon

Style - Tomahawk with Sheath

Sheath Feature - Molle Clip Platform

Sheath Material - Boltaron®

Sheath Weight - 3.60 oz (102.06g)