Champion Easyhit Shotgun Sight

Champion Easyhit Shotgun Sight

Champion partnered with exhibition shooter Tom Knapp to design this highly-visible fibre optic sight that attaches to any shotgun barrel's ventilated rib or solid rib.

Its low profile will not change your point of impact. The intensity of the fibre-optic bead lets you aim with your indirect vision, making it possible to see the bead without looking at it.

Now, you can concentrate 100 % on the target and still know exactly where your shotgun is pointing.


  • Low profile won't change the point of impact
  • Hollow tube design helps shooters use both eyes when acquiring a sight picture
  • Attaches with an adhesive strip to the shotgun barrel
  • Available in 2.5mm & 3mm diameter fluorescent green and red
  • Available in both 2.75" and 5" lengths

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