S&S Precision

S&S Precision WetWorX Cold Weather Maritime Assault Gloves

S & S Precision WetWorX Cold Weather Maritime Assault Gloves

When working on the WetWorX Maritime Assault Gloves, the first thing S&S Precision wanted to ensure was that the user wouldn’t feel a significant disparity between their warm water and cold water gloves.

They carefully chose the materials to provide substantial commonality between the warm & cold gloves while maintaining the centred climate traits necessary to operate in a wide variety of environments.

Paying close attention to the human factors and ergonomics of maritime operations, they have produced gloves with outstanding wet grip, tactility, and range of motion.

The WetWorX gloves have the durability needed for hot climate operations and the heat retaining traits required for cold water operations.

Grab a set and see for yourself; you won’t be disappointed.


The WetWorX cold weather glove combines the warmth of 2mm neoprene and wind-resistant patches with a textured grip for enhanced wet environment hold and confidence.

  • “Gripmax” thumb construction with conductive material = grip where you need it, conductive where you need it
  • Batting glove hook and loop wrist closure = easy don and doff
  • Single-layer .8mm embossed grip textured palm = enhanced wet grip
  • Laminated wind-resistant patches = increased warmth
  • Wrap over fingertip construction = better sense of touch
  • Seamless back of hand construction = longer wear time comfort
  • Wrap-up index finger sidewall = enhanced trigger feel
  • Conductive index finger
  • Keyhole thumb construction = increased articulation
  • Gasketed at the wrist to prevent flushing = warmer hands

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