Bushnell Prime 1800 6x24 Laser Rangefinder

Bushnell Prime 1800 6x24 Laser Rangefinder

The newest must-have Range finder for any hunter is the Bushnell Prime 1800 Rangefinder with ActivSync™. The Prime 1800 is now the leading laser rangefinder for hunters.

Featuring ActivSync™ Display technology that fluidly morphs into your background for maximum contrast and readability in all situations. The reticule reads your conditions and displays black or illuminated red – So you no longer have to choose between one or the other; you'll always have both.

Bushnell's Prime 1800 has an all-glass optical system that gives you twice the light transmission of any other rangefinder in its field so that your quarry will be visible at the beginning and end of legal light.

Includes Bushnell's Angle Range Compensation (ARC) technology to give you accurate distance and target distance for uphill and downhill shots so you can use the correct pin on your bow or drop point on your reticle.

For the highest chance of a prosperous hunt, the Prime 1800 is the most suitable laser rangefinder for the job.


  • Ultra-Fast Scanning: When pressing the range button, the Prime 1800 automatically goes into scan mode, updating the range four times per second, giving you more information and getting you on target quicker.


  • 2X Brighter Imaging: A 50% more extensive objective lens, an all-glass optical system, and fully multi-coated lenses combine to give you up to 2x brighter imaging than the competition, adding critical time at dusk & dawn where you'll be able to see when others can't.


  • Tripod Mountable: The Bushnell Prime 1800 has a 1/4-20 thread, ready to be mounted on a tripod or shooting stick in the field for the most stable range.


  • EXO Barrier Lens Coating: The Prime 1800's glass is molecularly coated with our exclusive EXO Barrier to repel water, oil, fog, dust and debris. Guaranteeing you'll have a clear view when it matters most.

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