Hornady HIT™ Target Impact Indicator

Hornady HIT™ Target Impact Indicator

Introducing the Hornady HIT Target Impact Indicator Elevate your shooting precision with the revolutionary Hornady HIT Target Impact Indicator.

Designed for casual target shooters and competitive marksmen, it combines cutting-edge technology with Hornady's commitment to reliability and accuracy.

Key Features:

Immediate Feedback:

  • Experience real-time, unmistakable hit confirmation. The HIT Indicator uses advanced vibration sensing technology to detect each shot's impact, providing instant visual feedback through a bright LED signal. Enhanced Durability: Built to withstand the harshest conditions, the HIT Indicator is encased in a rugged, weather-resistant housing, ensuring it performs reliably in all environments, from sunny days to rainy conditions.

Long-Range Capability:

  • Perfect for long-range shooting, the HIT Indicator works effectively at distances exceeding 1,000 yards, ensuring that even the most distant hits are detected and signaled.

Easy Setup:

  • The HIT Indicator is designed for hassle-free setup. Attach it to any standard target setup with its universal mounting system, and you're ready to go. No complex calibration required.

Benefits for Shooters:

  • Immediate Skill Improvement: By providing instant feedback on shot placement, the HIT Indicator helps shooters adjust their aim and technique on the fly, significantly accelerating skill improvement.


  • Suitable for various shooting disciplines, including long-range shooting, hunting practice, and tactical training.

Enhanced Training Sessions:

  • Maximize your training sessions with clear, immediate indications of hit accuracy, allowing for quick adjustments and improved outcomes.

Whether you're training for an upcoming competition or just enjoying a day at the range, the Hornady HIT Target Impact Indicator is your ideal partner for achieving peak performance and accuracy. Get ready to hit your mark every time with Hornady!


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