Magpul Industries Corp

Magpul Industries Corp MOE-K Grip AR15/M4

Magpul Industries Corp MOE-K Grip AR15/M4

The MOE-K Grip is engineered as an enhanced replacement for the standard AR15/M4 pistol grip, offering a notably slim and compact design.

It features a steeper grip angle compared to traditional grips, explicitly tailored for PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) setups. This design promotes better comfort and control on rifles with a short length of pull (LOP), drawing the primary hand nearer to the user's body.

Its slender profile and the omission of a backstrap 'beavertail' make it a prime selection for those desiring a grip with a smaller circumference. Included are all necessary mounting components.

They are proudly manufactured in the USA. NSN: MAG438-BLK 1005-01-655-6253