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Magpul® MS1® Sling

Magpul® MS1® Sling MAG513

Introducing the MS1® Sling, a versatile addition to the Magpul® rifle sling lineup. Centred around our MS1 slider, this system offers swift adjustments to lengthen or shorten the sling without slipping once set, eliminating tails, loops, or potential snag hazards.

The MS1 facilitates seamless shoulder transitions, rapid adjustability for hands-free rifle carry, and stable shooting support from diverse positions. The MS1 system is designed with your unique needs in mind. It features a range of adapters, available separately and based on the MS3® and MS4™ slings.

By incorporating the appropriate adapter (such as our Paraclip™, QDM, or QD Sling Swivel), you can effortlessly customize your MS1 to suit your specific fit and carry preferences, ensuring that your sling is as unique as you are. Rest assured, the MS1 Sling has been rigorously tested to withstand the most demanding conditions.

It endured tens of thousands of cycles in various environments, including wet, dry, and sandy conditions. It underwent static load testing for 72 hours without slippage and dynamic drop tests from six feet while weighted.

Beyond controlled lab assessments, Magpul subjected the MS1 to real-world scenarios including swimming, jumping, hunting, hiking in mountainous terrain, and extensive shooting in rugged field conditions, ensuring its durability and reliability. 

Made in U.S.A. and 100% Berry Amendment compliant.


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