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Magpul Explorer Eyewear

Magpul Explorer Eyewear

The Magpul Eyewear line is meticulously crafted to deliver premium features, superior optical quality, and captivating style synonymous with top-tier brands, often priced significantly higher.

Engineered with built-in ballistic impact protection, each pair ensures your safety in unexpected situations, while their robust construction guarantees resilience against any challenge.

Take the Magpul Explorer—a blend of casual sophistication and high-performance design.It offers protection and timeless style and incorporates the same lens and frame construction found in ballistic-rated models.

This ensures extreme impact resistance, durability, and flexibility, all packaged in a lightweight design suitable for everyday wear.

Additionally, they provide UV resistance for added protection, making them ideal for various outdoor activities and everyday use.


*All lens are polarised except Black Frame with Grey Lens


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