EBA Agincourt

EBA Agincourt

Introducing the Agincourt PCP from EB Arms – the pinnacle of precision and craftsmanship for the discerning air rifle shooter.

Designed for unparalleled accuracy and performance, the Agincourt PCP marries traditional style with modern functionality. Choose your mark with .177 for high-velocity, flat trajectory shooting or .22 for more impact and stopping power. Both calibres are designed for maximum precision and performance.

Equipped with a robust 280cc air bottle, complete with a branded manometer, ensuring that you have a consistent and reliable power source for shot after shot. The traditional wooden stock, crafted with care, provides a timeless aesthetic. Enhanced with a tactical rubber butt pad for recoil absorption and laser-cut chequering for a solid, non-slip grip, the stock is both functional and beautiful.

The adjustable trigger pad allows for a personalized and comfortable trigger finger position, enhancing control and accuracy. Never miss an opportunity with a high-capacity magazine, offering 14 shots in .177 and 12 in .22, ensuring you're ready for extended sessions without constant reloading. With the reservoir filled to 200 Bar, the rifle should have a capacity of between 100 - 150 shots, calibre dependent.  

A large, hard case box protects your scoped rifle during transport, accommodating even the most substantial accessories.

Two magazines are included with every purchase, allowing for quick reloads and less downtime in the field or on the range. Gain stability in any shooting position with the included grip-pod, aiding in precision shooting when needed. Customize with ease using the removable 3" bipod Picatinny rail, perfect for attaching a variety of bipods for that steady shot. Fitted with traditional sling studs, the Agincourt PCP weighing in at 3.75kg, is easy to carry, making it as mobile as accurate.

The innovative magnetic magazine locator ensures secure and fumble-free magazine changes so that you can keep your eyes on the target. An integral Picatinny action rail offers versatility, allowing you to mount a wide range of optics and accessories to tailor the rifle to your exact needs.

Maintenance is straightforward with the included spares kit, featuring a filling adapter, o-rings, Allen keys, copper gaskets, and an oil bottle to keep your Agincourt PCP in top condition. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a hunter, or an air rifle enthusiast, the Agincourt PCP from EB Arms stands ready to elevate your shooting experience.

With meticulous attention to detail and a suite of features that blend traditional elegance with tactical efficiency, the Agincourt PCP is more than just an air rifle – it's a legacy in the making.


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