With its dual-purpose head that features a standard axe blade on one side and a spike on the other, the CRKT Odr™ chops like an axe and breaks ground like a pick. A versatile tool to have on hand at camp or home, perfect for splitting wood or smashing through stony earth.

The Odr™ is named after the husband of Frejya, the Norse goddess of love and war, who was built strong enough to defend the realm of Fólkvangr but light enough to be exerted in the hands of mere mortals.

The head is forged of highly durable 1055 carbon steel coated for additional corrosion resistance. Carved from Tennessee hickory, the handle has been fire treated for a dark texture and high-end appearance.

The CRKT Odr™ is the culmination of decades of experience from blacksmith and Army veteran Elmer Roush, a member of CRKT's Forged By War® program. After returning from the Vietnam War, Elmer picked up the hammer and hasn't put it down since.

Blade Length - 3.08" (78.11mm)

Edge  - Plain

Blade Steel - 1055 Carbon Steel

Blade Finish - Spray Paint

Blade Thickness - 1.31" (33.30mm)

Overall Length - 21.00" (533.40mm)

Weight - 1.57lbs (0.71kg)

Handle -Tennessee Hickory

Style - Axe


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