CRKT Clever Girl™

CRKT Clever Girl™
Clever Girl™

The CRKT Clever Girl knife is a remarkable example of innovation and functionality within the realm of edged tools. Designed by esteemed knife maker and designer Austin McGlaun, the Clever Girl combines tactical prowess and aesthetic artistry. With a blade length that typically hovers around 4.6 inches, it balances versatility and compactness, making it suitable for various tasks.

The knife derives its name from the iconic velociraptor claw featured in the movie Jurassic Park, a nod to its distinctive curved and wickedly sharp blade. The design incorporates elements from traditional Nepalese Kukri knives, known for their formidable chopping ability.

The Clever Girl's curved edge, reminiscent of the Kukri, is optimized for slicing, chopping, and piercing tasks, making it a versatile tool for both outdoor and tactical use. Constructed with high-quality materials, the Clever Girl features a robust blade fashioned from premium D2 steel, known for its excellent edge retention and durability.

The G10 handle scales provide a secure and comfortable grip, allowing precise control during demanding situations. The Clever Girl's tactical essence is further accentuated by its MOLLE-compatible sheath, facilitating convenient carrying options. The sheath design ensures quick access while keeping the knife securely in place, ready to respond to various scenarios.

The CRKT Clever Girl knife seamlessly melds evolutionary design concepts with modern innovation, embodying a harmonious blend of form and function. Whether embraced by outdoor enthusiasts, survivalists, or tactical professionals, this knife is a testament to the fusion of artistry and utility in the world of edged tools.

Blade Length - 4.60" (116.84mm)

Blade Edge  - Plain

Blade Steel - SK-5

Blade Finish - Powder Coat

Blade Thickness - .16" (4.01mm)

Overall Length - 10.13" (257.18mm)

Weight - 6.30oz (178.60g)

Handle - G10

Style - Fixed Knife with Sheath


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