Schmeisser SP15 LMR Bronze

Schmeisser SP LMR Bronze

Schmeisser LMR Straight Pull .223 Rem in Bronze

Elegance Meets Performance

The Schmeisser LMR Straight Pull .223 Rem in Bronze is a prime example of engineering prowess blended with striking aesthetics.

Unlike semi-automatics, this rifle relies on the bolt's manual operation for each shot. Designed for precision and durability, the bronze finish provides an exclusive look, making it stand out in function and form.



  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Action: Straight Pull Bolt Action Barrel
  • Length: 51 cm / 18″ – Fluted Bull Barrel
  • Overall Length: 97cm/ 38.5"
  • Weight: 4kg / 8.8kg
  • Finish: Distinctive Bronze
  • Thread: 1/2×28 UNEF
  • Twist Rate: 1:9
  • Muzzle Device: SCHMEISSER NoRec Compensator
  • Trigger: SCHMEISSER Two-Stage Trigger



Full Ambidextrous Design (Charging handle only on the right), MilSpec, Schmeisser Charging Handle with gas ports and extended wings, 45°/90° safety, Solid buffer tube (MilSpec tube), fixed buttstock and Schmeisser polymer pistol grip


Efficient Design:

The straight pull bolt action eliminates the need for the traditional turn-and-pull, offering faster cycling of rounds while maintaining the bolt action's intrinsic accuracy advantages.

Stunning Aesthetics:

The bronze finish isn't just for looks; it also offers enhanced corrosion resistance. This rifle is as much a work of art as a precision shooting tool.

Precision Engineering:

Schmeisser's reputation for precision and durability is well encapsulated in this model, ensuring consistent performance shot after shot.

Versatile Applications:

Perfect for target shooting, hunting, or even just as a collector's item.

For enthusiasts and professionals alike, the Schmeisser LMR Straight Pull .223 Rem in Bronze is more than just a rifle—it's a testament to the blending of precision engineering with sheer artistry.

Whether on the range or out in the field, this firearm ensures a performance as memorable as its appearance. Its manual operation offers a different and more intimate connection to the shooting process, making each shot truly count.

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