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Magpul DAKA® GRID Organiser for Pelican™ 1750 Protector

Magpul DAKA® GRID Organiser for Pelican™ 1750 Protector MAG1324

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Magpul's DAKA GRID Organizer is a versatile, customizable organizational system that ensures your essential gear's secure stowage and transport within your existing hard case.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with specific models such as the Pelican™ 1750 Protector, Harbor Freight Apache 9800, and Eylar® 53" gun cases, the GRID Organizer offers exceptional reconfigurability to accommodate your storage requirements. This system enhances security, versatility, and ease of use and is composed of individual Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) Panels and Blocks that securely interlock.

The GRID's innovative design allows it to support and stabilize rifles, scopes, ammunition, accessories, and other items. It also allows for quick disassembly and reassembly tailored to changing needs. Unlike traditional open-cell foam, the DAKA GRID Organizer utilizes compression to effectively immobilize and organize your equipment. This provides superior hold and protection during transit, preventing items from shifting and potentially getting damaged.

Furthermore, the GRID's EPP composition is non-absorbent, resisting fluids and chemicals, thus reducing the risk of contaminating your equipment. It offers numerous benefits over conventional foam and costly laser-cut inserts, providing intuitive, modular organization at your fingertips.

The system requires no configuration tools, allowing for quickly adapting to any loadout. The GRID Panels can also be modified to accommodate more oversized items up to 4.25 inches wide. When cutting the Panel to fit more comprehensive gear, the EPP material cuts cleanly and maintains its protective integrity.

Easy to configure, more durable than foam, and flexible enough to evolve with each new loadout, the DAKA GRID Organizer maximizes every inch of your case, enabling you to store and transport your gear precisely as needed.


  • GRID base Panels, eight triple Blocks, eight double Blocks, and replacement base foam.



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